Month: May 2020

The Future of Corporate Sustainability Initiatives in a Post-Covid-19 World

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that the CO2 emissions can reduce as much as 8% this year as compared… Read More

3 months ago

Should We Be Using Wastewater Treatment to Power Our World?

As the threat of climate change looms closer, the need for alternative energy sources becomes more evident. The solution to… Read More

3 months ago

9 Ways to Reduce Industrial Environmental Impacts

Due to rapid growth in emerging economies like China and India, global GDP grew by 3.8% in the last couple… Read More

3 months ago

Why should you opt for eco-friendly dog food?

Dogs are often called a man's best friend. Their loyalty and fun company are worth whatever little effort one might… Read More

3 months ago

Tata Power Club Enerji issues clarion call with #Switchoff2SwitchOn2

‘Calls for sustainable living amidst Covid-19 pandemic’ National, 7th May 2020: Close on the heels of winning “The Edison Award”… Read More

3 months ago

Why it makes sense to buy used stuff?

Trends in global consumption have seen a marked change as ideas like minimalism and sustainable living shift focus from consumerism… Read More

3 months ago

GCG in conversation with Shalini Singh, Chief-Corporate Communications & Sustainability, Tata Power Limited

Shalini Singh is an integrated Communication Professional with 20 years of experience in the industries such as Power, IT, Telecom… Read More

3 months ago

The Colourful World of Crayons

Ever thought about a world without colours? Imagine a world without the orange hues of the sunset, the serene white… Read More

3 months ago

5 Games that Teach Kids Environmental Conservation

One of the basic instincts of humans is the drive to survive. An urge to live necessitates the need to… Read More

3 months ago

Invest in Building Your Skills via These Environment and Sustainability Courses

Coronavirus lockdowns all over the globe have made people question life, survival, and the future that will be, after the… Read More

4 months ago