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Beside Cabins, an architectural project at the juncture of nature and culture

Montréal, Canada

Media brand BESIDE launches its very first outdoor destination in the heart of Lanaudiere.

Montréal, Canada, 2019-04-25 –

Today media brand BESIDE announced its very first BESIDE Cabins destination.

The BESIDE Cabins, designed in collaboration with Montréal firm Appareil Architecture, will be tucked away on a 1,254-acre property (one and a half times the size of Central Park), 900 acres of which is permanently protected, undeveloped land. Located in Chertsey in the Lanaudière region, the project is intended by its creators as a new way to see architecture: a concept at the juncture of nature and culture as per information available via v2com.

Photo credit: BESIDE CABINS via v2com

At the heart of the project is an immense expanse of untouched Lanaudière forest, where the parkland and two lakes have been carefully protected and maintained by the land’s former owner since the late 1980s. In acquiring this land, BESIDE hopes to attract people who want to enjoy the tranquility of the forest and work with their hands while learning new skills and belonging to a like-minded, values-driven community.

A destination where guests unplug and connect

The project is open to anyone looking to be closer to nature while helping build an authentic creative community in the heart of the outdoors. BESIDE Cabins were designed as functional, versatile living spaces that can accommodate anyone from couples and small families to professionals looking to get away from it all.

“BESIDE Cabins are a peaceful haven away from everyday noise, crowds, traffic and distractions,” explains Jean-Daniel Petit, president of BESIDE. “It’s the perfect place for friends, colleagues, partners and families to get away, come together and build meaningful connections.”

BESIDE Cabins offers owners and renters a vast terrain to explore, including two entirely natural and private lakes, a hidden forest library, shared docks, a natural stage for canoe concerts, a music studio and a creative space.

Bringing together a creative community

With this first BESIDE destination, Petit hopes to create a unique space where a community will grow, bringing together creative lovers of the outdoors who are looking to be closer to nature. “Our objective is to create a space where there’s a balance of soft and hard skills. Using architecture as a driving force, the common areas will be designed to promote the transfer of knowledge and experiences as well as contact between people, the forest and the area’s lakes,” said Petit.

What is a BESIDE Cabin?

Inspired by the cabins of the pioneers and fishermen’s boathouses of frontier villages, the BESIDE Cabins are the perfect blend of intelligent, minimalist design and outdoor culture, embracing our nordicity and heritage. They will be built using a sustainable approach and carefully integrated into the surroundings. The size of the land and placement of the cabins were chosen for maximum tranquility in an intimate setting. Each private land parcel with 75 planned cabins will cover between two acres (87,000 square feet) and five acres (217,500 square feet) of forest.

BESIDE Cabins are available for rent and for purchase. The project will be rolled out over three construction phases starting in 2020. For more details on the project, images and information on how to purchase a cabin, visit


BESIDE is a media brand that aims to bridge the gap between humans and nature by transferring knowledge and experiences. Since 2016, BESIDE has published its biannual magazine in French and English, distributing to over 3,000 independent retailers across Canada, the United States, England, France and Scandinavia. It also actively runs a web platform for topical articles, original series, editorial features, journalism and podcasts. BESIDE firmly believes in the importance of exchange between people, also organizing workshops, talks, creative outdoor camps and an annual festival. BESIDE magazine has been awarded a Grafika Award and nominated for a Canadian National Magazine Award. 

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