Solar power tower

Solar Technologies- What do you feel about its future?

(This is a series of articles on the various technologies that can be employed to trap the sun’s energy. This is the first part of the series.) Almost every discussion on solar technology begins with the inevitable question- What about the low efficiency and high30

Nuclear plant

The curious case of Nuclear Power Plants in India

I have always been surprised by the level of Indian diplomacy in the global arena. In spite of the brightest minds Indians frequently like to boast of, our diplomatic efforts in some areas have been, to say the least shoddy and wanting. Take the case for30

How solar PV projects can earn carbon credits?

Renewable energy is helping many countries to complete its economic transformation and achieve energy security.  Solar energy is one of the most abundantly available forms of energy that is be a solution to our everi ncreasing energy demand. The Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) of incoming solar radiation in30

Solar Water Light Bulb

Technology has no meaning unless it is cheap and can touch the lives of poor, affected people. One such technology that catches attention for being unique and an extremely simplistic solution is the solar water light bulb. It was first discovered in Brazil by Alfredo30

Green Car Award 2012

This year’s green car of the year award was bagged by the natural gas powered Honda Civic. Introduced as a fleet vehicle in 1998, the car is in currently the fifth generation model and has entered assembly line production. According to the Green Car Journal,30

Indian Remote Sensing Satellites

After the successful launch of the first indigenously developed satellite Aryabhatta, India’s dream to become self reliant in the domain of space technologies was expanded.  Aryabhatta was named after the great Indian astronomer Aryabhatta and it weighed 360kg. It was launched by the Soviet Union30

DTC buses to run on biofuel from sewage sludge

DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) is planning to run its buses (which are presently using CNG as fuel) on fuel obtained from wastes such as vegetable waste and sewage sludge. Delhi Jal board’s Kehopur plant has been selected as the pioneer site for setting up a30