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Economic importance of Aegle marmelos

Aegle mermalo
Aegle mermalo – Tree

Common name: Bel
Family: Rutaceae
Origin: India

Description: The leaves are compound, trifoliate and with a peculiar fragrance. The leaflets are oval or lancet shaped. The lateral leaflets are without petiole and the terminal one has a long one. The flowers are greenish white and fragrant. The fruit is both edible and medicinal. It is spherical or oval. The seeds are small, hard. Multiple seeds are covered in a viscid material in the pulp.

Economic Importance:

  • The Unripe fruits are astringent, digestive and are useful in providing relief in diarrhoea and dysentery.
  • The pulp is aromatic and cooling and is frequently used for making a cooling drink- sherbet.
  • The gum like substance around seeds serves as an adhesive. It is also used as a varnish for pictures and adds brilliancy to water- colour paints.
  • Pill boxes are made after emptying the fruits.
  • Gum is obtained from the stem.
  • Essential oil is obtained from leaves.

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