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Green School

A few schools in India are pioneering new ways of learning. As adolescent is an age of opportunity and when the mind is most impressionable, it is best that good ideas be introduced at a young age.

One such school is Aman Setu School in Pune that has tried to introduce environmentally friendly practices for its students. The building itself is made from locally available recycled materials and toxic paints have been avoided.  Aman Setu, which literally means the ‘bridge of peace’, inculcates environmentally friendly practices right from young age such as using eco toilets and community transport.

Ventilation is provided by disused plastic pipes and the buildings incorporate various green features. Natural lighting is used and there are no fans too. All this is aimed at making the children eco sensitive and environmentally responsible.

Image Credit: AMAN SETU Website

(Image credit:  Aman Setu School’s Website)


Green clean guide visited the website of the school and it had articles that explained the concepts of eco toilets in a very simple manner- aimed at children but equally good for adults too.

The school also helps an NGO, Udyog Bharati by using khadi for the school uniforms. They call it eco-uniforms. It is a noble and laudable gesture which will no doubt build up responsible and environmentally sensitive young adults.

Visit the school’s website


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