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Indian Electricity Scenario

The energy sector holds the key in accelerating the economic growth of India. The energy demands for developing country like India keep on continuously growing. Energy is a driving force behind rapid economic growth of the country. India ranks sixth in the world in total energy consumption. It is first requirement of energy to accelerate the development of the sector to meet its growth aspirations.

The pattern of energy production put coal and oil again on top.  These account for 65% of the entire generation.  Renewable energy ranks bottom of the total production just before the Nuclear energy. The distribution of energy resource like hydro power is skewed towards North-eastern states of the country as 70 % of the total hydro potential is located in the Northern and North-eastern region.

Sector MW % age
State Sector 83,563.65 45.74
Central Sector 56,572.63 30.96
Private Sector 42,553.34 23.29
Total 1,82,689.62 100
Total installed power generation capacity of India as per the data of Oct 2011
(SHP-Small Hydro Project, BG-Biomass Gasifier, BP-Biomass Power, U & I-Urban & Industrial Waste Power, The generation stations with installed capacity less than or equal to 25 MW are indicated under other renewables.)


Ministry of Power, Government of India

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