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Infographic: How the Paper-based System Affects Us

The traditional way of doing business and growth principles include several adverse impacts for the environment. One of the biggest culprits is the paper-based system. A significant number of businesses use paper to conduct their daily operations. It is estimated that the USA alone consumes about 69 million trees per year to meet its paper demands.

The effect of the heavy paper usage definitely has its tolls on the environment. Releasing more than 220 million pounds of toxin per tear, paper production is the third most pollutant manufacturing process in the USA. And when it comes to the worldwide paper consumption, last 40 years have seen an increase of 400%. If we continue the current trend of paper consumption, all the rainforests will be vanished from the earth within the next 100 years. These are some of the most interesting facts shared in this infographic, titled Impacts of A Paper-based System.

According to the infographic, we can make a big difference by gradually reducing the paper consumption and going paperless. While one sheet of paper needs 1.5 cups of water, an average office worker can save close to a thousand gallons of water per year. As researchers are constantly warning us about the potential scarcity of freshwater in the imminent future, going paperless can be an excellent solution to deal with that problem.

And obviously, going paperless comes with some notable financial benefits as well. When you factor in the toner and ink price, energy cost and the paper expenses, an average office can expect to save more than $20,000+ each year.

All of these are excellent reasons to make the switch to a paperless solution like using a cloud-based document management system. The infographic also includes the basic steps to going paperless at your office. Without further ado, here’s the infographic. Check this out and let us know what you think about the concept of going paperless.


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Marie K.Powell is a business, technology and environment specialist with years of experience in the field. While working at Ademero, she is always trying to find the best ways to go green in every possible way.

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