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Maharashtra Electricity Scenario 2011

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The State of Maharashtra is on number one position for the installed capacity of power utilities. Presently the State has 22645 MW of installed capacity from all power generation sources (Conventional and Renewable). As per the latest data by CEA (March 2011), Maharashtra has an installed capacity of 15813.98 MW from thermal, 690.14 MW from Nuclear, 3331.84 from Hydro and 2809.33 from other renewable energy sources. Maharashtra State Electricity board (MSEB) was the solo organization looking after electricity operations in the state before the year 2005.  Due to operational issues of over sizing of the MSEB, it has been restructured into four daughter organizations. These four companies came into  existence in July 06, 2005 – MSEB Holding Company, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company (Mahavitaran), Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company (Mahapareshan) and Maharashtra State Electricity Generation Company (Mahagenco) after unbundling the MSEB.

Following graph shows Installed capacity of power utilities of top ten Indian States (As on 31-03-2011);

Installed capacity of power utilities in top ten Indian States_2011

Following table shows upcoming thermal power plants in Maharashtra; (Note: Some of the plants are functional now)

List of upcoming thermal power plants in Maharashtra
List of upcoming thermal power plants in Maharashtra, Source: Agneya Blog

References: CEA, MERC

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