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Paper Straws

McDonald’s to Switch to Paper Straws To Reduce Plastic Use

McDonald’s eateries in the UK and Ireland will finish progress to paper straws in 2019; McDonald’s eateries in Belgium are currently testing trials and other options to plastic straws and tests are ready for select eateries in the U.S., France, Sweden, Norway, and Australia which will30

lab grown meat

Lab Grown Meat Can Solve Some Problems of Conventional Meat Industry

Food-print, or food’s carbon footprint, is the GHG emissions produced by growing, rearing, farming, processing, transporting, storing, cooking and disposing of food that we eat. Transport, food, and housing have the three largest carbon footprints. Food produces nearly 8 tons of emissions per household, or30

Food and environment

Impact of Your Food Habits on the Environment

Food is an essential requirement. We all agree on this. Food is the source of our energy, and, of course, food is what we all aim to achieve here on this planet for sustenance. Our working positions don’t matter much when food is served. We30


Pesticides – Boon or Bane?

Rachel Carson in her famous book Silent Spring had adeptly said, “How could intelligent beings seek to control a few unwanted species by a method that contaminated the entire environment and brought the threat of disease and death even to their own kind?” Agriculture dates30