Contact Lens

How your Contact Lens harm the environment

Have you ever tried to flush your contact lens down the sink or toilet? Do you think that it is good for you? Contrary to what you believe, it might harm the environment aggressively. A recent study conducted by the American Chemical society stated that30

Plastic pollution

Ocean Plastic for Real Madrid’s third kit

Kit suppliers Adidas in partnership with Parley for Oceans, a non-profit devoted to promoting awareness on the increasing plastic contamination in the oceans of the world, have come up with the 2018-19 season’s third strip, which was revealed by Real Madrid on Monday. Made from30

Oil spill approaches the coast - Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico

Devastating Oil Spills of the Century

Oil spills has been a prevalent problem since long which the world has been trying to deal with. A result of human negligence or accidents near the coast, sea, lake or river these oil spills have a devastating impact on the associated fragile ecosystem. Sunken,30

Pollution incidents on the beaches

Marine pollution

Each time I visit a coastline or a beach and see tiny bits of plastic and other waste I keep thinking that current legislative framework and monitoring mechanisms are not enough to protect our seas from pollution. Each year hundreds of thousands of marine animals30


Tuna Fish heart affected by Oil Spills

It was long known that oil spills can cause serious damage to the biodiversity in seas and oceans, and a new study has revealed that oil spills can cause serious damage to the heart of fishes. The chemicals in oil can cause disruptions in the30