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Innovative investments in energy efficiency and renewables

<<< Continued from 4. Innovative Financing Financing has been playing a stellar role in advancing renewable energy. Notable contributions in 2013 include securitization of renewable energy assets, leasing of on-site power plants and crowd-sourcing of funds for investing in small scale solar projects. In November,30

GHG emission from a petrochemical refinery

Essay on Energy, Economy and Environment

“If you wish to bear fruits you must go to your roots.” The core question arises in our mind that society lies in the roots of 3E (Energy, Economy, and Environment). Society needs to keep all energy options open to satisfy the growing demand. The30

Power Grid

Renewables and the Larger Electricity Supply Eco System

Renewables are a part of the electricity delivery supply chain along with many other elements – non-renewable generating sources, transmission utilities, distribution utilities, consumers etc. What happens in the larger electricity eco-system has a direct bearing on Renewable Energy (RE) and its future in the30

5 Wacky Alternative Forms of Energy

We all know that alternative energy is a hot topic for the future. Fossil fuels won’t last forever, so what new options does the world of science and technology have lined up for us? Here is a look at five of the wackier forms of30