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Using Telematics to Improve Efficiency when Driving

Telematics _navigation_systemComputer technology is playing an increasing role in our daily lives, both at work and at play. It can now also be used to improve automotive efficiency. Telematics programs are becoming widespread in Australia, helping improve the driving experience. One example of this is CarCom, a program which can be used by private motorists to improve security and efficiency. Manufacturers like Holden use telematics in their Holden Assist service, which is also used to promote safety and make driving a more accurate experience. Similar programs are used by everyone from Mitubishi Motors Australia to Toyota Australia, as seen in the Toyota Link service. It’s worth finding out a bit more about what these systems do and how they can be used to increase your car’s fuel efficiency.

The Role of Telematics Programs

Essentially a way to send computer-based information over long distances, telematics helps store information about every aspect of the driving experience. It can be used between individual vehicles and third parties, including sending driver data to road sensors or satellites. This technology is often built into today’s vehicles, allowing companies to provide a higher level of safety on the road and driver assistance when needed. If you break down on the road in a new Peugeot car, for example, a telematics box would be capable of transmitting information to a Peugeot repair shop giving the mechanic a full rundown of the problem. Service professionals can be notified when your car needs an oil change or when a part is due for replacement, and can prepare in advance for your appointment.

Improving Driving Techniques

Some programs can be used to monitor driving behaviour and help improve techniques. The telematics program can give verbal warnings to the driver for practices such as speeding, hard braking, tailgating other drivers, or frequently idling. Monitoring this type of behaviour can help drivers become more efficient over time, as these types of practices are harder on the vehicle and use up more fuel. This type of software is frequently employed by professional driving companies, who can monitor their drivers and ensure that all efficiency and safety standards are being met.

Reducing Fuel Consumption

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint by becoming a more efficienct driver, you can also use telematics to monitor traffic and weather conditions. This can help you avoid being stuck in a traffic jam or on slippery roads which could tax your car and burn more fuel. Computerized programs can calculate all of the miniscule variables that go into fuel efficiency, to help you streamline your vehicle’s performance and reduce emissions.

As a result of all of these benefits, the demand for telematics is growing in Australia as it is across the world. Many professional fleets have already implemented this technology, although it is also used in passenger cars from Holden and other top brands. For those seeking even greater efficiency, aftermarket telematics boxes can provide a potential solution.

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