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What You Need to Know About Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable PackagingWith the constantly aggravating global pollution and climate change, the need for a fast switch to sustainable materials, resources and technologies is growing daily. From individual households to large-scale industries, the pace of global waste accumulation does not seem to abate even with the increasing recycling capacities, which is why climate change experts and environmental protection organizations worldwide recommend a prompt shift to use of sustainable materials in a range of industries and sectors, including the product packaging domain.

Here, we bring you some basic background information on eco-friendly packaging solutions so keep reading if you want to contribute to environmental protection and help create a safe and clean planet for the coming generations.

What Exactly Is Sustainable Packaging?

When we talk about sustainable packaging, we are not referring merely to the eco-friendly nature of the final product. Instead, packaging that is considered sustainable includes items that are produced from biodegradable, reusable or recyclable materials through environmentally safe and energy-efficient procedures using renewable resources or sustainable fuels while at the same time offering favorable employment terms and health-friendly conditions for the staff involved in the workflow.

Such packaging products are then marketed in an eco-friendly way, i.e. by means of green media like radio or the internet. Due to its reusability, biodegradable nature and low environmental impact of its production and marketing process, green packaging is a true ecological asset for the future, which is why brands worldwide have started using it to up their environmental responsibility and attract new customers.


Green packaging symbolsIn the broadest terms, sustainable packaging has three main benefits: it is in most cases cost-effective, extremely versatile and functional and highly positive for the environment and human health. Owing to contemporary production methods, sustainable packaging can be manufactured from a wide range of low-cost materials that are both biodegradable and recyclable such as paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal, and the use of advanced engineering technologies and energy-saving equipment can help additionally reduce the manufacturing costs, energy waste and final product price, eco-friendly packaging experts tell us at Axis Industrial Solutions. 


With the innovative designs and cost-efficient manufacturing procedures multiplying globally, sustainable packaging now comes in a number of shapes, sizes and materials and can be used for multifold purposes. From retro-style boxes and simple grocery bags to crafty bottles made out of potato starch and recycled paper, the room for inventive environmentally conscious packaging doesn’t seem to shrink with fresh ideas, designs and products.

Some of the latest noteworthy sustainable packaging ideas include soap wrappers made from recycled paper, reusable package planters, eco-friendly snack packages, cardboard egg holders, environmentally friendly coffee cup labels and upcycled soap bottles.

Regulations on Production and Use

RecyclingThough international laws and regulations on sustainable packaging greatly differ from state to state, most countries grant subsidies and incentives for startup companies looking to join the eco-friendly packaging bandwagon. Additionally, some states and local authorities dealing with companies whose conduct of business is closely linked to manufacturing and distribution sustainable products sometimes offer preferential terms and conditions and/or tax discounts to investors interested in starting an environmentally responsible business. This is good news for both the producers, employees and the planet and the tendency will hopefully persist and spread across the globe – after all, there’s nothing more precious and more difficult to restore than a ruined environment.

A relatively new trend in the packaging industry, sustainable packaging brings numerous benefits to all the links in the production and distribution chain, from workers and employees to distributors, retailers and customers. Thanks to its multifunctional designs, environmentally safe nature and low production costs, eco-friendly packaging can make a large-scale green change for the sake of both the present and the future, so take it into consideration if you’re looking to boost your corporate or individual responsibility toward the environment and the planet as a whole.

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