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Why the weather-proof Gamma jacket is the perfect fashion accessory for you

For most of us, fast fashion is a means to add that chic factor to our wardrobes. However, as fast fashion continues to rule the fashion industry, more and more brands are exploring how they could manufacture clothes sustainably and do more with the fabric with their innovation. The graphene-infused Gamma jacket is a product that marries fashion and innovation to give you a sustainable piece of clothing that is weather-proof, waterproof, protects you against UV rays, and can be worn in all seasons. By leveraging graphene’s unique properties, the Gamma jacket is something that you can take anywhere with you, be it camping trips, treks, strolls on the beach, traveling, and use as activewear as well.

Jacket, Image for illustration purpose only

The lightweight garment features a heat-insulating design that can warm you up in just seconds whenever the winter temperatures are nosedive. It is also the only jacket you’ll need irrespective of the time of the year or the place you are. What sets Gamma apart is the graphene that it is made of. Graphene is an allotrope of carbon and has found its way through several industries as it is one of the strongest, thinnest, and most flexible materials known to humans. It’s a nano-lattice – just as thin an atom, but stronger in structure than a diamond. Moreover, its insulation properties outdo the traditional synthetic insulation that most activewear comes with. The all-season, breathable fabric makes Gamma an example of what modern-day sustainable fashion should be all about.

The Gamma jacket adapts to your body like a second skin. With the help of its latticed structure, it spreads heat evenly throughout the body of the user when it’s cold. In hotter climes, it expels heat and keeps moisture at bay, so that your body stays cool and comfortable. This is made possible with the help of the jackets in-built heaters. The graphene conducts heat from the body which is channeled by the inbuilt heaters throughout the garment.

During cold weather, the jacket distributes the heat throughout your upper body, while in summers it expels the heat via its permeable pores. This special feature means that you can say goodbye to layering clothes during winters. You just have to wear your Gamma jacket and you’re set to go. Imagine the kind of money, you’ll save by not having to buy sweaters, bulky coats, and heavy jackets. Even from a point of convenience, the Gamma jacket is a winning deal as it is light in weight. Slung it over your shoulder, drape it over the arm or pack it in your bag, there is no set way to carry this garment as it is weather-proof and damage-proof. The graphene layer regulates the jacket’s temperature based on the environment it is worn in, be it a breezy beach location or a snowy day.

Gamma sports 3 fiber heating elements that are inbuilt. So, when your body’s heat isn’t enough to keep you warm, Gamma’s graphene layer adds to the heat with just the push of a button. What’s more, is that these heating elements will ensure that you don’t get too warm. The jacket is effective even in sub-zero temperatures. The in-built heaters have three adjustable settings and you can easily switch between settings with a button. Furthermore, it won’t overheat or burn up, even if you leave the heaters on and go to sleep.

The jacket is charged by a power bank. All you have to do is to plug the power bank into the USB-A input that is fitted in the jacket’s inner pocket. Unlike other winter clothes, this jacket doesn’t restrict movement and is convenient to walk around on a beach or the road or even go dancing. The absence of batteries or any electrical parts makes it perfectly fit for a machine wash.

If you’re a fan of pockets, then Gamma is an accessory that must be in your wardrobe. The jacket comes with 10 pockets, some of which are hidden for knick-knacks like keys that you can’t afford to lose while traveling. And ladies, chances are anything that fits bin your tote can fit in this jacket. So, head for that camping trip, your office, the airport of the beach without having to lug around a bag by wearing the Gamma jacket,

The jacket is fully adjustable so that you can not only shield yourself from the wind, heat, or rain but can also ensure comfort. It comes with adjustable drawstrings at the hood and the waist to lock the heat and protect you from the wind. The Velcro cuffs and the high neck secure the sensitive skin at the base of your palm and the neck. Then there are the in-built fingerless gloves that protect your hands, without impacting your grip on objects.

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