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With Glaring Smog and Rising Pollution levels, China cracks down with stricter laws

GHG emissionThe Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s top legislative body has adopted revisions to the Environmental Protection Law reported Xinhua.

With this, the revised Environmental Protection Law which has undergone its first amendment in 25 years makes meeting pollution challenges a priority.

“The new law says that economic and social development should be coordinated with environmental protection and encourages studies on the impact environmental quality causes on public health, urging prevention and control of pollution-related diseases.”

Salient features:

Country should establish and improve an environment and health monitoring, survey and risk assessment mechanism. More stringent punishment for environment offences. Handing out heavier punishment for environmental wrongdoing is an important principle of the new legislation. Specific articles and provisions on tackling smog. Citizens should adopt a low-carbon and frugal lifestyle and perform environmental protection duties, and nominates June 5 as Environment Day.
Naming and Shaming of rogue enterprises shamed that flout environment laws. Responsible persons would face up to 15 days detention if their enterprises dodge environmental impact assessments and refuse to suspend production after being issued a ban. Responsible persons would face the same punishments if their enterprises produce or use forbidden pesticides and refuse to make corrections. Organizations in charge of environmental impact assessments and supervision would bear joint liabilities if they are found to have acted fraudulently.

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