Srinagar as a Smart City- Involve, Evolve, Dissolve

Srinagar has been and is the jewel of the Kashmir valley in every respect. Right from the alleys downtown to the majestic Dal Lake banks, the city is a marvel. To revamp and redecorate it with luxurious buildings and arches of roadside parks would be a huge step towards ornamenting the already beautiful. Developing Srinagar as a smart city would indeed be a wise and thoughtful move. It needs concrete banks around rivers and lakes, maintenance of Mughal gardens from40

Hangul at Oak patch_Dachigam

Home Of The Last Hanguls On Earth- Dachigam National Park

Harwan inherited a jewel from before the time of the Maharajas who ruled Kashmir for its beauty and people. This resplendent heaven was the natural habitat of a rich flora and fauna restricted to the Himalayas. Zabarwan range of Himalayas provided respite to the rich spawning populace of the beloved Red Deer of Asia. This variety is one of its kind and despite efforts to make it breed anywhere else on the globe; Nature gifted this living wild to Kashmir.40


Jammu and Kashmir Government plans to develop 18 new Industrial Estates

The government of Jammu and Kashmir has decided to develop 18 new Industrial estates of which nine each will be developed in Kashmir and Jammu divisions. This step has been taken with an aim to boost the industrial activities for socio-economic transformation of the state. Its main focus will on employment generation. To develop these industrial estates, over 2500 (over 314 acres) Kanals of land valued at about 82 crore rupees in Kashmir division and 5600 Kanals (over 703 acres)40

Nanga Parbat_Western Himalayas

Kashmir’s soul is in shambles! When would we rise…?

Kashmir, over the ages, has remained what we call “Terrestrial Paradise” of the planet earth. It wears an overtly devoutsoul, known as Srinagar, on its sleeves with splendor. Any visitor, after buckling himself/herself up, to Kashmir can enjoy a heartwarming joy ride when sailing through the tides of Srinagar. This city of Srinagar, historically known for its panache, had illuminated the lights of world history well before the sacred feet of Jesus Christ (Peace Be upon Him) touched the earth.40

Hydro Power Plant

Jammu and Kashmir to get 6 mini Hydro power projects

According to reports, 6 mini Hydro Power projects of 9.5MW capacity are going to be developed by the Jammu and Kashmir Energy Development Agency (JAKEDA). Minister of State for Science and Technology Feroz Ahmad Khan, according to an official statement, said that the process for allotting the works of these Hydle power projects has been started through competitive bidding, adding that the required letters have been issued to the respective bidders by the authorities of JAKEDA. Jammu and Kashmir has40

Dachigam National Park location

Dachigam National Park, J&K

Location- Jammu and Kashmir, 22kms from Srinagar. Protected Area Category- National Park Area- 141 sq kms Best time for visit: May- August, Sept- December The name of the park means “ten villages” which may allude to the ten villages that were relocated during its formation. Dachigam has been a protected area since 1910, first given the status by Maharaja of Kashmir. It was initially created as a game reserve. It was finally upgraded and declared a National Park in the40