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India’s surge in solar power- Road Ahead

Ministry of new and renewable energy, the nodal agency for renewable energy in India is currently negotiating a 1 billion loan with Germany’s development bank, and if it comes through then the fund would be used exclusively for rooftop solar plants. Germany has already committed a 1 billion loan for a green grid for evacuation of wind and solar power, the focus initially is on twin states of Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu where renewable power generation has caught fancy early40

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Solar panels – a mandatory prerequisite for recently settled structures in Hyderabad

The recently formed Indian state of Telangana is considering making roof top sun powered panels a mandatory prerequisite for recently settled structures in the state capital, Hyderabad. Talking at a workshop on “Changing Indian Cities to Smart Cities”, Telangana Minister, KT Rama Rao said that Hyderabad as of now has such an order and guided the GHMC to implement it strictly. In the interim, the AP government has also additionally formed targets to attain 9,150 MW limit of renewable vitality40

Solar Module

Solar Parks Investment

India’s flagship environment ministry, the MNRE has turned out with a draft plan for advancement of sun based parks and ultra mega sun powered projects which will in turn lead to deployment of expansion of 20,000 MW of sun oriented solar power. India is currently implementing the ambitious solar powered National Solar Mission that seeks to make use of sun’s power and result in a gradual shift of the country’s energy economics from a fossil fuel based power sector to40

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Solar growth likely to boost in coming years

India’s solar industry is expected to see better growth in the coming years, helped by rising energy demand and various other factors, as per report by Tata Strategic Management Group. The solar sector however is faced by many bottlenecks such as a lack of a clear and consistent solar policy, the report said. “… rising energy demand, increasing coal prices, increasing diesel prices and with grave energy security concerns Indian solar sector is poised to grow rapidly in the next40

Solar pannels and mounting structure at rooftop

India finally plans to impose anti dumping duties on solar panel imports

The Indian government has decided to impose anti- dumping duties on solar panel imports coming from US, China, Taiwan and Malaysia after a long debate and investigation. With this move, anti-dumping duties of up to $0.48 per watt will be imposed on solar cells from the US and $0.81 per watt from China, and $0.62 per watt from Malaysia and $0.59 per watt from Taiwan. Indian solar producers have long demanded protection from predatory pricing from U.S., Chinese and Malaysian40

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Pakistan inaugurates first Solar Power Park, Biggest Globally

Pakistan has inaugurated the Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park project, which is going to become the first large-scale solar power project and marks the country’s progress into the sphere of renewable energy. The project will generate 100 MW of power by 2014 end which is expected to scale up to 1,000 MW ending 2016. The project is made up of 400,000 solar panels and cost about $131 million. O The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif even announced plans to further scale40

Solar pannels and mounting structure at rooftop

MNRE joins Solar Product Developers in Opposing Anti Dumping Duty on Solar Imports

MNRE is not in favour of imposing anti dumping duties on solar imports in India. The verdict on the case is soon going to be announced. Indian solar manufacturers have demanded an imposition of anti dumping duties on international imports which they say are being dumped into the country at lower prices making it difficult for local manufacturers to remain competitive in the marketplace. Project developers in India avoid Indian manufactures citing their low quality products. Imposition of anti dumping40

Solar pannels and mounting structure at rooftop

When Will the Indian Solar Industry stand on its feet and stop asking for government protection?

The solar industry which enjoys government patronage in India wants more protection and has demanded anti-dumping duties as high as 30 to 35% on import of solar cells. The industry claimed that it has suffered losses of Rs 1,000 crore due to dumping of cheaper products into the Indian market. “The thin-film and silicon photo voltaic cells and modules imported into India from the USA and other Asian countries are being sold at ridiculously low prices bleeding the local industry40