September 2018: Monthly Environmental News Roundup

Solar Projects: Creating Milestones RUMSL (Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Ltd) a joint venture between Government of India owned SECI and Government of Madhya Pradesh MPUVNL has implemented the 750MW Rewa Solar Project successfully and plans to succeed it with projects double Rewa’s size. This venture30

Contact Lens

How your Contact Lens harm the environment

Have you ever tried to flush your contact lens down the sink or toilet? Do you think that it is good for you? Contrary to what you believe, it might harm the environment aggressively. A recent study conducted by the American Chemical society stated that30

Kerala floods

Kerala Flood and Rescue operation

Perhaps one of the worst natural disasters strikes in southern India with Kerala bearing a major brunt of it. The state has encountered heavy damages with the major losses in both life and property. Horribly, the flood has resulted in the deaths of 360 people30

Mumbai Floods

Reasons for Floods in Mumbai Year after Year and How to Mitigate

Mumbai is an efficient city in many ways, although it all depends on the city’s weather. With the arrival of monsoon, it turns into a soggy confusion. This year monsoon began with the collapse of a pedestrian bridge on a crucial railway line in Andheri,30

Coral reef

Belize Barrier Reef No More Endangered

The Belize Barrier Reef, which is the world’s largest barrier reef system situated in the Northern Hemisphere was withdrawn from the United Nations list of endangered world heritage sites. The world body’s scientific, educational, and cultural agency- UNESCO said that on Tuesday, its heritage committee30

Munnar hillstation, Kerala

How ecotourism can support local communities?

Ever wondered what’s common between Munnar, the Sundarbans or Coorg? Well, they are all ecotourism spots in India and attract hundreds of visitors from all across the world every year. Ecotourism is traveling to places which are famous for environmental conservation and natural beauty while30

Plastic Pollution

Nations Declare War against Single Use Plastic

Disposable plastics, also known as single-use plastics, are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. These include things like plastic bags, coffee stirrers, water bottles, straws, soda and most food packaging items. The plastic used in such products is practically low-grade i.e.30


Burning Environmental Issues in India

India’s rapid economic growth might have impressed many experts but it does come at a cost which more often than not is being burnt by the environment. In the wake of limited natural resources, negative externalities like environmental degradation, climate change and carbon emissions have30