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FAQ’s on BEE recommendations on temperature setting of Air Conditioners

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Ministry of Power) has issued the guidelines to major commercial establishments with the objective of conserving energy through optimum temperature settings for the Air Conditioners, within the comfort zone /chart. It is estimated that changing the temperature from conventional 20-21 degree30

air conditioner

Indian AC’s to have a Lower Limit of 24 Degrees

R.K. Singh, the Power Minister stated that the government has decided to consider to make 24° the compulsory default setting for ACs (air conditioners). Singh has also made a proposal to have labels setting on AC depicting the optimal temperature, which would be beneficial for30


Green Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018

A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency which is ‘mined’ by coders and computers using a complex algorithm or the blockchain technology. What works in their favor is that they are not regulated by a bank or a central authority like the government, thereby leaving no30

Green Buildings

Energy Efficiency Reasons You Should Buy a New Home

When you’re in the market for a home, everything you look at is technically new to you. Whether it’s a century-old farmhouse or a completely modern build from this year, you’ve never seen it before, making it a brand new option in your search for30

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All about Green Buildings: What they are and their Benefits?

With world leaders and nations striving to conserve the ailing Mother Nature, Sustainability has become an important term. It is essential to be sustainable in all activities including construction of homes.  This brings us to the topic of green buildings. Green building refers to constructing30


Knowledge Transfer on Energy

Many EU projects are focused on knowledge transfer and dissemination of best practices in building retrofitting. This is extremely important since very often stakeholders fail to reach an agreement concerning the potential benefits. In such cases, it seems that financial aspects have a priority, over30

Delhi Metro Train

Delhi Metro gets GSF certification

The Delhi Metro has added another feather in its cap. The Gold Standard Foundation (GSF) certification standard has been awarded to the Delhi Metro for energy efficiency. With this, the Delhi Metro has become the first ever Railway system in the world with GSF certification30