Llano del Muerto waterfall in El Salvador

Punjab to Encourage Eco-Tourism

The government of Punjab is planning to push eco-tourism in the state and is working on the initiative with the forest department. Stating this here on Thursday, Sarwan Singh Phillaur, tourism minister of Punjab said that the focus would be on conservation of natural resources by creating awareness, diversification of tourism activities and destinations and promoting local community participation and synergy with general development of the tourism sector. He also said that sites to be brought under eco-tourism have been40

A view of the Kew Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

Greencleanguide’s editor had an opportunity to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens recently. These are some excerpts from his notes. Royal Botanical Gardens is magnificent. I had heard a lot about this World Heritage site, so when I was in London, I kept one full day in my itinerary to visit the place. The tube goes directly to Kew and is the best means of transport in otherwise traffic busy London.  The Richmond line goes to Kew.  The gardens open at40

Alnwick castle-United Kingdom

Eco tourism Destinations- Alnwick, United Kingdom

Alnwick is a quiet place bordering the sea coast in the north of England. It is well connected by rail and road. If you go by rail, then get down at Alnmouth and board a bus from there. The Harry Potter movies have made Alnwick castle a famous tourist spot and if you have children with you, visiting the castle is a good idea. Most tourists come for the castle but Alnwick is a quiet place and away from the40

Dachigam National Park location

Dachigam National Park, J&K

Location- Jammu and Kashmir, 22kms from Srinagar. Protected Area Category- National Park Area- 141 sq kms Best time for visit: May- August, Sept- December The name of the park means “ten villages” which may allude to the ten villages that were relocated during its formation. Dachigam has been a protected area since 1910, first given the status by Maharaja of Kashmir. It was initially created as a game reserve. It was finally upgraded and declared a National Park in the40

Eco tourism destinations- Telineelapuram, Andhra Pradesh

It is a very well maintained bird sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh. No direct buses are available from Visakhapatnam so it is a good idea to start early in the morning in order to have sufficient time with you. The nearest zila headquarters is Srikakulam. It is an Important Bird Area and bird enthusiasts will love visiting the site. The site is famous for painted storks and pelicans that migrate from Siberia. A watch tower with various stories has been erected40

Eco tourism destinations- Uppalpadu, Andhra Pradesh

How often do we look at places in pictures and wish we could have been there? If you belong to such a category of travellers, then Uppalpadu will not disappoint you. It is an Important Bird Area located near Guntur. The compound consists of a lake right in the middle of which are located tiny islands with countless birds. The sight is breathtaking and awesome. Painted Storks and Spot-billed Pelicans are quite common. The place is also a home for many40

Sunset at Radhanagar beach

Eco tourism destinations- Andaman and Nicobar Islands

I had been planning for this trip for a long time but couldn’t really find the time due to various commitments. It is one of the most beautiful and largely untouched destinations of India.  It is the largest union territory with around 546 islands of which 26 are inhabited. I have been travelling a lot since my student days and am also a member of Youth Hostels network which I would suggest to every avid traveler. A lifetime membership doesn’t40

Nainital_Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism – A case study of Nainital,Uttarakhand

Tourists definitely play an important role in a region’s economy as they bring a net inflow of money. There are examples of regions which are dependent solely on tourists for driving their economy. To minimize the negative impacts and pollution that results due to rigorous tourism activities, concepts of eco tourism and environmental tourism came into place. Sustainable tourism goes one step further and makes tourism ecologically sustainable over a long run. It focuses on but not limited to conservation40