Wind energy installations across states

Top five states in India with highest wind electricity generation

India is blessed with various renewable energy sources. Wind energy is a prominent renewable energy source in India. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has already estimated 103 GW* of wind energy potential. The Government of India is looking at renewable energy as a30

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Climate Change: How Can Wind Energy Help?

Wind energy plays an important role in addressing climate change on a global level. Many countries around the world have been working hard to reduce their carbon emissions during the last decades. Some of the world’s leading markets in the US, Denmark, Australia and the30

google search

3 Ways How Google Is Contributing To Renewable Energy

I am sure you have used a Google product at least once in your life be it Google Search, Android or GMail. Lets take the case of Google Search, have you ever wondered how much power is consumed in answering your search queries?   When30

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NAL promotes 500W wind-solar hybrid system

National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) has brought out a 500W wind-solar hybrid system that is capable of providing power in standalone situations such as borewells, pumps and other non heavy applications. The system is developed keeping in mind remote areas of the country, reported Express. Aparna30

Wind turbines in Tamilnadu

Suzlon signs agreement for 98.7 MW wind turbines

Suzlon Group which is the world’s fifth largest wind turbine manufacturer has signed contracts for supplying wind turbines to PowerWorks USA. This would represent 98.7 MW of power. The contract has been won by the US-based Suzlon subsidiary, SWECO (Suzlon Wind Energy Corp). As per30

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Gamesa reaches 1GW commission capacity in India

As per press release, Gamesa has commissioned 1GW of capacity since its operations began in India. “Thanks to a broad product range, tailored to the market’s specifics, and the company’s experience and know-how as wind farm developer, Gamesa has managed to establish itself as the30